Women Empowering Change

Books & Brunch Club

Mission-Books & Brunch Cub exists to bring authors and readers together.

Goal- To offer authors the opportunity to share great works with readers that support and provide fun experiences for both authors and readers.

Book Club for men and women 21 years of age or older.

Featured Books

Author: Keisha Robinson

Book: She Dared to Dream; Her Journey to Purpose

Genre: Christian Inspiration, Self Empowerment

Author: Dorian Marie Watson

Book: Finish It: Memoir of Finding My Music, My Truth, and My True Love

Genre: Love, Spirituality, Self-Help

Author: Shuwana Leonard

Book: The Mothers Call of Duty: A 30-Day Praying Mothers Devotional

Genre: Spiritual, Devotional

Book Club Submissions


>> Voted Book <<

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*Due to the COVID-19 limitations we advise all

 book club members to purchase the KINDLE version. 

Join the Club!

WHEN: May 1st & June 6th @ 1pm

WHERE: ONLINE Virtual Meetings

DISCUSSION: We will discuss our take-aways from sections of the book and the next Book Club Social.

How it Works

-Vote on the book to read.

-A link will be provided to purchase the book from the author.

-We will read the book and positively discuss our own take-aways over a series of Virtual meetings either by ZOOM or SKYPE.

The Purpose:

-Get/Keep us reading!

-Support authors.

Upcoming Book Club Socials

-Book Tasting

-Books & Brunch Holiday Party